Soccer, Field Trips, and Thomas Edison

It has been a crazy spring.  apparently the people who did this study “Mom survey says: Three is the most stressful number of kids” haven’t been to our house!

I love that soccer season has begun.  I really do enjoy watching the kids play soccer.  This year I will actually get to watch some of the games now that the girls are old enough to keep themselves occupied on the sidelines and the two boys are old enough to not attend the games they don’t want to (which is probably all of them.)  At Cassie and Callie’s first game they were warming up and Cassie came over and waved to me on the sidelines “This is fun!” she shouted just oozing with enjoyment.  They have had two games and I volunteered to sit on the sidelines with the girls that are on the bench, so it has been really fun.

Both Joey and Lexi are in traveling soccer so we are off and running.  Lexi, love her dearly, but for Pete’s sake how many more years will it take to arrive at practice/game with all the things she needs to play?  I’m hoping there is some life-long responsibility lessons going on here.  She is an enthusiastic player and their team is really on fire!  I can tell these girls really enjoy the game and are focused on playing well.

Joey has a few more months before try-outs for the high school team.  He sat out for a few weeks with a twisted knee so he is just getting back into it.  I’m excited to go to one of their games next week.  A lot of talent there too.

Went on the Arboretum Field Trip with the Preschool class.  The kids are so excited (just to ride the bus even) and they took everything in.  They liked playing in the big sand boxes and watching the ants at the various anthills all over the park.  Sometimes it’s the simple things.

Johnny went to Nickelodeon Universe with his class on Wednesday and came back super fired-up.  Him and his buddies went on every ride.  Doesn’t surprise me.  The highlight?  Yes, somebody did throw-up…there is always at least one.

Today was the 3rd Grade Wax Museum where the kids choose a famous person and give a speech dressed as that person.  Up until Tuesday I though Lexi was Albert Einstein so I’ve been searching for a crazy white wig.  Tuesday night she says, “Oh, I’m not Einstein, I’m Thomas Edison!”  So I pulled out the same black coat the other three kids have worn for Wax Museum day and a light bulb from the utility closet…costume complete.  She did really well with her speech.  I love watching those kinds of things!

Last weekend we celebrated Cinco de Mayo by cooking Fajitas and making Fried Ice Cream.  Lexi and I had a fun time planning and cooking together everyone else enjoyed eating!

may 7, 2013 004So anyway that’s the gist of things.  Wish I had more photos but some are on my camera and I’m not sure how to get them downloaded yet.  Happy Spring!


P.S. To the deer that ate our tulips…I’m watching you!

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