A Touching Moment with Callie

First Day of School 001 - CopyWe got home right at bedtime last night so I tried to usher the girls through the elaborate bedtime routine quickly: read stories(skipped that), brush teeth, refill their water bottles for next to their bed, ask them each what song they want me to sing (it’s always the same song but if I don’t ask they get mad), give hugs, kisses and tell them Dad will be in (looking at that it seems a little excessive, maybe “Time for bed!” being cordially announced would be better?)  Anyway, after they were both tucked in Callie said, “I have a kwestion for you.” (She says “question” kinda cute.) I’m pretty sure this is a delay tactic but sometimes it yields meaningful exchanges like, “Do we get two angles to watch over us at night or is there just one angle ’cause we share a room?” But not last night. Her very pressing, very touching question last night was, “Mommy, where does rubber come from?”


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One thought on “A Touching Moment with Callie

  1. This child is a deep thinker!

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