Soccer Tournament Comment Card…Please add Hotwings and Wine Coolers

We had two soccer tournaments this weekend. We’ve been to lots of soccer tournaments over the years, so while we waited for the half-hour delay one of the games I started to brainstorm what would make these events more exciting…for the parents. Sure they bring in jumpy castles and souvenirs for the kids but looking at all those parents, especially those who have been doing this for years, what might make it more exciting for them?

table and chairsFirst off the seating has to change. Forget the lawn chairs. They need to surround the fields with pub-style tables with chairs and umbrellas. And have waitresses that wander around offering Hot Wings and Wine Coolers (or strawberry lemonade). Doesn’t that sound nice? And there should be some half-time entertainment like a comedian that comes out and does a 5-minute schtick, poking fun at soccer moms and loudly cheering dads. Between games there should be a drop-off child care area for the kids, a 9-hole putting green and an area with sand and lounge chairs (where the waitresses also deliver drinks.)

Now THAT would be a tournament. That would bring in teams from all over the state. That would be something the whole family would look forward to.

The tournaments we went to were fine (except for the part where we arrived 45 minutes early for the game, had the game delayed a half-hour for lightening and then canceled altogether…that happened TWICE!).

Just saying, hot wings would have made that better.


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2 thoughts on “Soccer Tournament Comment Card…Please add Hotwings and Wine Coolers

  1. I think you have something here, it could catch on!

  2. what a wonderful idea!

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