I’ll Be Right Back

When we decided to have six kids I’m not so sure we thought everything through (that would be an understatement). I just finished the June calendar and there are several nights where we have to be in four different places at the same time. Even with our wonderful carpooling arrangements we may have to hire someone to drive and watch our kids at soccer or karate.
Last night I thought I had it all figured out. Jerad went to Joey’s game, I went to Cassie and Callie’s game BUT Johnny had to get to karate. I asked the coach if she wouldn’t mind to keep an eye on the girls while I drove him to karate and came right back. She said that would be fine, what could go wrong in 15 minutes?
So I get back and Callie is standing by the parking lot, waiting for the porta potty, the poor coach’s husband got roped into taking his daughter and Callie for a potty break.
“I had to go potty!”
“Of course you did.” Looking down at her knee I notice a band-aid.
“What happened to your knee?”
“I fell and got an owie!”
“In 15 minutes? I was only gone 15 minutes. You got hurt in the 15 minutes I was gone?”
Of course she did.
Not really a big deal, but c’mon I’m gonna need a little more cooperation from the universe next week when we have 3 soccer games, karate, and I’m supposed to be at a meeting (don’t think the meeting is going to happen.)


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2 thoughts on “I’ll Be Right Back

  1. i totally get this and have a class of 18 full day kindergarteners, (4 and 5’s). we cannot even go down the hall without a head injury.

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