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Here on Broadway

June 28, 2013 005Johnny finished up his theatre camps this week and had two performances. The first was “Our Gang Follies of 1938” an origianl musical based on the Little Rascals. He wasn’t Alfalfa, (the kid who played Alfalfa was really good) but he did an awesome job as a part of a three-man trio. So these kids (all 5th graders) met for seven days, three hours a day and were able to put-on a fully staged, choreographed 40 minute play! It was amazing. Kinda makes my aspirations of getting everyone in my family to bus their dishes after dinner look weak.

The second play was “Oklahoma”.  This was a cast of about 65 with kids 3rd – 10th grade.  Again it was amazing they could pull that all together.  There was a dream scene with dancing that Johnny was in that he had to learn ballet and dance with a girl.  He did really well!  At the end of the show when the dance teacher was giving her pitch she called Johnny out saying he was going to be taking ballet in the fall.  She did say he was a natural in learning all the dance moves so that is pretty awesome.  The winter production for the community theatre is “Oliver” so they will need some children actors.  I think Johnny has a pretty good chance of getting a role.  He loves this stuff!

June 28, 2013 007

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Fun on the Sidelines

So you know when you’re at a baseball game, or a soccer game and there is the big guy that sits in his lawn chair, munchin’ on sunflower seeds, occasionally giving a holler for the team he’s cheering for? After he leaves the game there is a big pile of chewed up, spit out sunflower seeds…right?

So you know when you go to a soccer game and you bring your two five-year old girls and they set up their blanket on the sidelines. They take out the bag of “stuff” you brought to keep them busy for an hour game, but it is boring stuff like toys. So they scurry around, pet some dogs, wrestle a bit and then find some “stuff” that is more fun.

You glance back at them (because it’s too quiet) and find what their new “toys” are. You are pleased to find they have taken out the Hotwheels cars and trucks…NOT pleased to find they are loading up their trucks with SUNFLOWER SEEDS (yes, the aforementioned spit out remnants). But it gets better! The other activity they are doing is filling old water bottles (please tell me they didn’t try to drink out of half-filled bottles they found on the ground)with said sunflower seeds AND what is that, is that MY water bottle (not the clear plastic bottled water, but the one you that you can’t see inside when the cover has been replaced and you think there is only WATER in there!)276697_red_sigg_water_bottle_2

I did not drink the tainted sunflower seed water but the thought that I could have…?  All the Purell in the world can’t solve problems like these.

(I know, I know, after these past few posts you are thinking I have got to keep a better eye on those kids…but they’re fast…and clever…and there’s six of them!)


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So we come out of Sports Authority and I’m talking with Joey (who just bought new soccer cleats with his OWN money because he has a job – Soccer Ref). I look behind me for the trailing Cassie and Callie and they are lagging behind in the parking lot. I turn and open the van door and then see the two little munchkins scuttling up to the van holding the bottom of their shirts, pocketed up to their chest, some kind of treasure inside.
“What’s in your shirts?”
So I go and peek. It’s the road…pieces of cement and a handful of gravel. I look back in the parking lot and see the new pothole that has been created.
“Why?” That’s all I can think, that’s all I am able to verbalize.
“Please go fix the road dearies, we don’t remove cement from the parking lot and try to take it home?”
What can I say, they’ve never been told not to do that before.


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Creating a Scene

In a split second Cassie picked up a rock the size of a ping-pong ball and hurled it…in the parking lot at a passing car! I screamed! The lady with her window open, waiting nicely to pick-up her son gave me a wide-eyed look. Glancing down the line of cars waiting nicely for pick-up I realized, that must have been fun to watch. I didn’t swear, didn’t chew her out but I did let out a pretty good holler (did you hear it?).

The rock bounced, missed the car and all that was lost was some dignity.


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Oops and “What?” Week

Perhaps all the additional little voices (all the time, everywhere) in my home have distracted me but I’ve had a bit of a forgetful/clumsy/odd week.

Monday I had a permit inspection for our new water softener scheduled for 2:00. I remembered when the girls brought me the “Sorry we Missed You” notice that was displayed on our doorknob for all to see (sometime around 3:00).

Tuesday, I tried a new recipe, mmmm Italian bread with mozzarella, tomato and pesto. Would have been much better had I not scorched the edges while I was broiling it (Note to self: 2 minutes is not enough time to run to the girls room, get all their soccer stuff out and make it back to the kitchen to check on dinner.)

Wednesday I got an “Explanation of Benefits” from Health Partners showing Johnny’s visit to Urgent Care on Memorial Day was $380. The only problem was Johnny didn’t go to Urgent Care on Memrial Day, or any day in the last three years, and oh yeah, we don’t have Health Partner’s Insurance! (Still waiting to clear that one up, but the nice young man said we probably wouldn’t be responsible for the payment…really?)

1080896_cellphoneThursday I dropped my cell phone. It slid out of it’s case onto the floor. Didn’t crack or anything but the screen went white. I took it in, the guy opened the back and showed me the “blue dot”. “Looks like you dropped it in water.”
I kindly restated, “No, I didn’t, it slid out of my case like this onto the floor, it was fine before that.”
“This blue dot indicates you dropped it in water.”
“I didn’t.”
“Did too…”
“Did not…”
“Did too…”
“Did not…” (Wanna know where I learned that?) (And this might be a slight exaggeration of what was really said.)
The other guy came over and saw the blue dot and confirmed, while I’m standing there but acting as if I weren’t, “Yep, that’s been in water, that voids the warranty.”
“Sorry mam, that voids the warranty.”
I needed a phone because we were going up to the cabin and there is no phone line so I got a new phone. When he was switching over the phone card I noticed the new phone had a “blue dot” as well. I brought it to his attention. To make a long story short(er), he left with both phones, came back with the instruction manual, “Well it looks like if you want a replacement phone you have to call this number and mail it in and see what they can do for you.” (That didn’t sound like an apology to me.)

The weekend perked up. Went to the cabin and did not need to use my new phone for any emergency calls so that was good. The toilet did not overflow, no pipes broke, the septic system did not back up into my tub, so it was a great weekend (the sun also came out in sync with temperatures above 70). The neighbor at the cabin took us out on his pontoon Sat night and it was a beautiful night on the lake. For Father’s day we made Belgian waffles with strawberries for Jerad and then went to the park for hiking and rock climbing.

Focus girl, get back in the game, we got a full summer ahead of us.  I’m  ready.

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The Wonders of Technology

Day 3 of Summer Vacation: I get a text from one of my kids…”I’m bored.”


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11 Weeks, 6 days Until School Starts

I know, I know that is a cynical way to look at summer but you weren’t in my van on the way to soccer tonight. Too much togetherness has already settled in. The topics that my sweet children argued about:
Who gets to sit up front (after all these years we still can’t solve that one)
Windows up, windows down
Radio on, radio off
Radio too loud, can’t hear the radio
Change the channel of the radio
Can I have my water bottle…that’s not my water bottle…you drank all the water from my water bottle (even though that’s not your water bottle)…did not…did to…did not…
Where are we going? Who’s gonna be there? Why are we going? Can I have some gum?
This isn’t the way (the 5-year-old with keen directional sense – about a field we’ve never been to.)
Put your seat back up your squishing my legs.
I’m not…you are…I’m not…you are…
I’m hot…I’m cold…no it’s hot…roll the window down…no keep it up
Mom! Lexi is singing…to the radio…that’s too loud…and on a dumb channel

18 minutes, that’s all, that’s how long the ride was. I refuse to resort to the in-van DVD player this early in the game, summer.

Forget about Texting and Driving, riding in a van with that going on HAS to be illegal.


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5th Grade Graduation

The 5th Graders had their transition ceremony yesterday (next year they start middle school). It was really nicely put together. They took the time to have each kid read his/her vision for their future. They could choose their vision for when they were 15, 35 or 60. I loved hearing all their ideas. Some were very specific, they knew what college they wanted to attend and what they wanted to major in, others were simple, “To live with my family and dog” and others were dreams, professional sports hopefuls (not that it can’t happen). It was interesting to see who picked 15, 35 and 60 as their marker. I’m sure you can read into it all more but it was an enjoyable presentation and a reminder of the innocence of youth.

So here were our boys’:5th Grade Graduation 005
Johnny 5th Grade Graduation (the face painting occured after the graduation at the party)

Johnny: “When I am 35 my vision for the future will be to have an awesome fabulous family, and travel around the world in a nice, warm, full RV.”  (This picture was taken at the end of the day after the party-and face painting.)

Josh: “When I’m 16 my vision for the future is to be on the high school soccer team and to get a Lamborghini and hopefully not crash it, and be a professional soccer player.”






When I think about my vision for my future I have to admit I’m livin’ the dream.  I went to college, got a B.A. in Elementary Education and a Minor in psychology and graduated with high honors.  This was my contribution to society yesterday:

“Mom, can you unstuck Woody?”

Woody + IKEA stool = ???

Woody + IKEA stool = ???

5th Grade Graduation 003

(Yeah, I got it unstuck, moms rule!)


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The Carnival Cruise of School Endings

1396243_pastels_confettiWhen I went to school we had school until the last day of school. Then on the last day of school, if we didn’t have our name on the board with 3 checks after it, we would get to watch a movie and drink Shasta. That was the best!

Our kids probably could have been done with school two weeks ago, then again if they shortened the school year by two weeks then the last two weeks of that year would be a wash, and then if they shortened it again…you get the point. I’m a former teacher so I know how the kids get squirrely and as a parent I’m ready to be done too but perhaps we could scale back on all the celebrating.

So anyway, the kids have been enjoying what I call a Carnival Cruise of School endings. Now granted we have six kids so there are all kinds of events at every age level but the following is the list of the end of the year events our kids already have participated in, or will in the next week:

1. Point Party

2. Read-a-thon

3. Peace Assembly

4. Volunteer Service Day

5. Pen Pal Tea

6. Track and Field Day

7. 5th Grade Transition Ceremony (like graduation)

8. 8th Grade Transition Celebration (like graduation)

9. 5th Grade Day at the Park

10. 5th Grade Evening Party combined with the kids going to middle school next year

11. Field Trip to Nickelodeon Universe

12. Field Trip to Valleyfair

13. Field Trip to the Bowling joint

14. Field Trip to the Zoo

15. Field Trip to the Arboretum

16. Field Trip to the Art Institute

17. Spring Fling (an after school celebration with the whole school)

18. Extra Recess (“We were outside for an hour-and-a-half today ‘casue we earned a minute of recess for every minute we were good.” Note: Not sure how reliable that information is…)

A part of me is envious of all the opportunities our kids have, a part of me wants to allocate some of those field trip fees towards a field trip for my husband and I to Chipotle.

A movie and a can of Shasta…remember those days?


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