The Carnival Cruise of School Endings

1396243_pastels_confettiWhen I went to school we had school until the last day of school. Then on the last day of school, if we didn’t have our name on the board with 3 checks after it, we would get to watch a movie and drink Shasta. That was the best!

Our kids probably could have been done with school two weeks ago, then again if they shortened the school year by two weeks then the last two weeks of that year would be a wash, and then if they shortened it again…you get the point. I’m a former teacher so I know how the kids get squirrely and as a parent I’m ready to be done too but perhaps we could scale back on all the celebrating.

So anyway, the kids have been enjoying what I call a Carnival Cruise of School endings. Now granted we have six kids so there are all kinds of events at every age level but the following is the list of the end of the year events our kids already have participated in, or will in the next week:

1. Point Party

2. Read-a-thon

3. Peace Assembly

4. Volunteer Service Day

5. Pen Pal Tea

6. Track and Field Day

7. 5th Grade Transition Ceremony (like graduation)

8. 8th Grade Transition Celebration (like graduation)

9. 5th Grade Day at the Park

10. 5th Grade Evening Party combined with the kids going to middle school next year

11. Field Trip to Nickelodeon Universe

12. Field Trip to Valleyfair

13. Field Trip to the Bowling joint

14. Field Trip to the Zoo

15. Field Trip to the Arboretum

16. Field Trip to the Art Institute

17. Spring Fling (an after school celebration with the whole school)

18. Extra Recess (“We were outside for an hour-and-a-half today ‘casue we earned a minute of recess for every minute we were good.” Note: Not sure how reliable that information is…)

A part of me is envious of all the opportunities our kids have, a part of me wants to allocate some of those field trip fees towards a field trip for my husband and I to Chipotle.

A movie and a can of Shasta…remember those days?


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2 thoughts on “The Carnival Cruise of School Endings

  1. hahahaha – this is hilarious and kind of puts it into perspective. i am a kinder teacher and tend to enjoy every day with them, good or bad, and celebrate our time together whenever possible. perhaps if you combined some of the above ‘events’ it would be more manageable. like combining spring fling with bowling and graduation? think of it as ‘spring graduation from bowling?” i know it has gotten a bit crazy, and i was just excited to have a cupcake and a pop for a class birthday back in the day. embrace the crazy joy of it all! i once was accused of ‘excessive celebration’ by a seasoned teacher across the hall from me and i told her i thought there was a football penalty for that. )

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