5th Grade Graduation

The 5th Graders had their transition ceremony yesterday (next year they start middle school). It was really nicely put together. They took the time to have each kid read his/her vision for their future. They could choose their vision for when they were 15, 35 or 60. I loved hearing all their ideas. Some were very specific, they knew what college they wanted to attend and what they wanted to major in, others were simple, “To live with my family and dog” and others were dreams, professional sports hopefuls (not that it can’t happen). It was interesting to see who picked 15, 35 and 60 as their marker. I’m sure you can read into it all more but it was an enjoyable presentation and a reminder of the innocence of youth.

So here were our boys’:5th Grade Graduation 005
Johnny 5th Grade Graduation (the face painting occured after the graduation at the party)

Johnny: “When I am 35 my vision for the future will be to have an awesome fabulous family, and travel around the world in a nice, warm, full RV.”  (This picture was taken at the end of the day after the party-and face painting.)

Josh: “When I’m 16 my vision for the future is to be on the high school soccer team and to get a Lamborghini and hopefully not crash it, and be a professional soccer player.”






When I think about my vision for my future I have to admit I’m livin’ the dream.  I went to college, got a B.A. in Elementary Education and a Minor in psychology and graduated with high honors.  This was my contribution to society yesterday:

“Mom, can you unstuck Woody?”

Woody + IKEA stool = ???

Woody + IKEA stool = ???

5th Grade Graduation 003

(Yeah, I got it unstuck, moms rule!)


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One thought on “5th Grade Graduation

  1. great post, and love the ending )

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