11 Weeks, 6 days Until School Starts

I know, I know that is a cynical way to look at summer but you weren’t in my van on the way to soccer tonight. Too much togetherness has already settled in. The topics that my sweet children argued about:
Who gets to sit up front (after all these years we still can’t solve that one)
Windows up, windows down
Radio on, radio off
Radio too loud, can’t hear the radio
Change the channel of the radio
Can I have my water bottle…that’s not my water bottle…you drank all the water from my water bottle (even though that’s not your water bottle)…did not…did to…did not…
Where are we going? Who’s gonna be there? Why are we going? Can I have some gum?
This isn’t the way (the 5-year-old with keen directional sense – about a field we’ve never been to.)
Put your seat back up your squishing my legs.
I’m not…you are…I’m not…you are…
I’m hot…I’m cold…no it’s hot…roll the window down…no keep it up
Mom! Lexi is singing…to the radio…that’s too loud…and on a dumb channel

18 minutes, that’s all, that’s how long the ride was. I refuse to resort to the in-van DVD player this early in the game, summer.

Forget about Texting and Driving, riding in a van with that going on HAS to be illegal.


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5 thoughts on “11 Weeks, 6 days Until School Starts

  1. So funny!!!

  2. Reminds me of growing up with my six sisters. Lots of chatter, squabbling, and good old healthy back seat kicking! Made me laugh out loud!

  3. love this, sorry, and i am counting the days with joy, as i am a teacher on the other side. my sibs and i used to fight with, ‘she’s on my side!’, ‘stop looking at me!’, and ‘she’s touching me!’. ah the joys of family time )

    • Yes I remember the “don’t cross this line” in the back of the car. That is simply an invitation for your brother to slide his hand over the line as he casually looks out the window. Then when you tell your mom, he says, “What! I was just looking out the window!”

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