Oops and “What?” Week

Perhaps all the additional little voices (all the time, everywhere) in my home have distracted me but I’ve had a bit of a forgetful/clumsy/odd week.

Monday I had a permit inspection for our new water softener scheduled for 2:00. I remembered when the girls brought me the “Sorry we Missed You” notice that was displayed on our doorknob for all to see (sometime around 3:00).

Tuesday, I tried a new recipe, mmmm Italian bread with mozzarella, tomato and pesto. Would have been much better had I not scorched the edges while I was broiling it (Note to self: 2 minutes is not enough time to run to the girls room, get all their soccer stuff out and make it back to the kitchen to check on dinner.)

Wednesday I got an “Explanation of Benefits” from Health Partners showing Johnny’s visit to Urgent Care on Memorial Day was $380. The only problem was Johnny didn’t go to Urgent Care on Memrial Day, or any day in the last three years, and oh yeah, we don’t have Health Partner’s Insurance! (Still waiting to clear that one up, but the nice young man said we probably wouldn’t be responsible for the payment…really?)

1080896_cellphoneThursday I dropped my cell phone. It slid out of it’s case onto the floor. Didn’t crack or anything but the screen went white. I took it in, the guy opened the back and showed me the “blue dot”. “Looks like you dropped it in water.”
I kindly restated, “No, I didn’t, it slid out of my case like this onto the floor, it was fine before that.”
“This blue dot indicates you dropped it in water.”
“I didn’t.”
“Did too…”
“Did not…”
“Did too…”
“Did not…” (Wanna know where I learned that?) (And this might be a slight exaggeration of what was really said.)
The other guy came over and saw the blue dot and confirmed, while I’m standing there but acting as if I weren’t, “Yep, that’s been in water, that voids the warranty.”
“Sorry mam, that voids the warranty.”
I needed a phone because we were going up to the cabin and there is no phone line so I got a new phone. When he was switching over the phone card I noticed the new phone had a “blue dot” as well. I brought it to his attention. To make a long story short(er), he left with both phones, came back with the instruction manual, “Well it looks like if you want a replacement phone you have to call this number and mail it in and see what they can do for you.” (That didn’t sound like an apology to me.)

The weekend perked up. Went to the cabin and did not need to use my new phone for any emergency calls so that was good. The toilet did not overflow, no pipes broke, the septic system did not back up into my tub, so it was a great weekend (the sun also came out in sync with temperatures above 70). The neighbor at the cabin took us out on his pontoon Sat night and it was a beautiful night on the lake. For Father’s day we made Belgian waffles with strawberries for Jerad and then went to the park for hiking and rock climbing.

Focus girl, get back in the game, we got a full summer ahead of us.  I’m  ready.

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2 thoughts on “Oops and “What?” Week

  1. Wow! What a week! At least you’re making beautiful family memories. Here’s to a full summer ahead of more memories.

  2. Bring it universe!

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