Fun on the Sidelines

So you know when you’re at a baseball game, or a soccer game and there is the big guy that sits in his lawn chair, munchin’ on sunflower seeds, occasionally giving a holler for the team he’s cheering for? After he leaves the game there is a big pile of chewed up, spit out sunflower seeds…right?

So you know when you go to a soccer game and you bring your two five-year old girls and they set up their blanket on the sidelines. They take out the bag of “stuff” you brought to keep them busy for an hour game, but it is boring stuff like toys. So they scurry around, pet some dogs, wrestle a bit and then find some “stuff” that is more fun.

You glance back at them (because it’s too quiet) and find what their new “toys” are. You are pleased to find they have taken out the Hotwheels cars and trucks…NOT pleased to find they are loading up their trucks with SUNFLOWER SEEDS (yes, the aforementioned spit out remnants). But it gets better! The other activity they are doing is filling old water bottles (please tell me they didn’t try to drink out of half-filled bottles they found on the ground)with said sunflower seeds AND what is that, is that MY water bottle (not the clear plastic bottled water, but the one you that you can’t see inside when the cover has been replaced and you think there is only WATER in there!)276697_red_sigg_water_bottle_2

I did not drink the tainted sunflower seed water but the thought that I could have…?  All the Purell in the world can’t solve problems like these.

(I know, I know, after these past few posts you are thinking I have got to keep a better eye on those kids…but they’re fast…and clever…and there’s six of them!)


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2 thoughts on “Fun on the Sidelines

  1. I remember years ago camping with my girls. I made sure they had their shower shoes on for the “not so perfectly clean” campground showers. washed them up in the tiny little shower stall. Turned my back for a moment and they had taken off their shoes and were staying barefoot. Yuck. Not to worry they have grown up and still have two feet each and no foot diseases. Keep up the good work with your brood. They will be grown in the blink of an eye.

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