Here on Broadway

June 28, 2013 005Johnny finished up his theatre camps this week and had two performances. The first was “Our Gang Follies of 1938” an origianl musical based on the Little Rascals. He wasn’t Alfalfa, (the kid who played Alfalfa was really good) but he did an awesome job as a part of a three-man trio. So these kids (all 5th graders) met for seven days, three hours a day and were able to put-on a fully staged, choreographed 40 minute play! It was amazing. Kinda makes my aspirations of getting everyone in my family to bus their dishes after dinner look weak.

The second play was “Oklahoma”.  This was a cast of about 65 with kids 3rd – 10th grade.  Again it was amazing they could pull that all together.  There was a dream scene with dancing that Johnny was in that he had to learn ballet and dance with a girl.  He did really well!  At the end of the show when the dance teacher was giving her pitch she called Johnny out saying he was going to be taking ballet in the fall.  She did say he was a natural in learning all the dance moves so that is pretty awesome.  The winter production for the community theatre is “Oliver” so they will need some children actors.  I think Johnny has a pretty good chance of getting a role.  He loves this stuff!

June 28, 2013 007

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2 thoughts on “Here on Broadway

  1. I love watching my children in plays, I’m a sappy mom, who sometimes get’s teary eyed too! P.S: I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award, check out my blog for details!

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