THAT Curly-Haired Girl?

“Excuse me, do you know who belongs to that curly-haired girl?”
“Oh, that’s my girl.” My husband chirped in. We were at Lexi’s soccer game and I was sitting watching the game with the blanket set up behind me full of toys for the girls. Jerad had just arrived and was standing behind me.
Usually when someone asks about the curly-haired girl (Cassie) they offer up compliments about how cute her curly hair is. I knew something was up when this lady pulled Jerad aside and started talking to him.
She must be a Scout! Looking for models for Cheerio commercials! Right?!
I could tell immediately from the tone of the conversation this lady was not going to offer our daughter a modeling contract. In fact I thought perhaps Jerad would say, “Oh, THAT curly-haired girl, oh no that’s not mine, she belongs to that curly-haired woman in the red chair.” Pointing in my direction. But he didn’t, he handled the issue and after she left called me over.
4th of July 2013 002Apparently Cassie had been over by the parking lot (she was supposed to be looking for frogs and I was watching from a distance) she picked up a stick, threw it at the lady’s car and ran away!! Argh! THAT cute little curly-haired girl did that?  I’m glad Jerad did respond to the lady, “Well you’re lucky, last week she was throwing rocks at cars.”  (Creating a Scene)  At the soccer party she kept throwing the landscaping rocks in the lake.

She’s not a devious kid, not trying to be naughty, just very spontaneous (and lacking in good judgement).  Jerad apologized to the lady (luckily no damage was done to the car) and talked with Cassie but what else can you do?  She’s 5.  I guess we will just have to make it clear to her how serious it can be.  In the meantime if you come visit,  you may want to park a block away and walk.  A 5-year-old doesn’t understand what paying a $500 deductible on someone elses car will do to a parent!


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4 thoughts on “THAT Curly-Haired Girl?

  1. I love this, and as I teach a class of full day 4s and 5s, I know that is how they learn many cause and effect lessons, by hands-on doing, to see what will happen. If I throw this stick at a car, oh it bounced off, oops now a big adult might be mad, oh I’d better run away, oh no she’s talking to mom and dad, uh oh, I think it was kind of bad, but I just wanted to hit it and see what would happen, and see if i could hit it and on and on. I think she must be a lovely, bright, normal child with lots of curious energy ) Beth

    • Thank you for this encouraging response (and since it is coming from a professional in child development I can use it to explain to the next poor victim!) Thank you!

  2. Yes! I love that! She’s spontaneous with bad judgment. 🙂 That’s good Mommimg right there!

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