Back from Vacation

Last week we farmed out the kids!  We had three days to ourselves up at the cabin and it was so nice not to be needed/interrupted.  Josh, Johnny and Lexi went to summer camp, and the girls and Joey went to my parent’s.

The couple that sat behind us at the restaurant (that’s a place where they make the food for you and you don’t have to clean up) were having a disagreement about what to order…but I DIDN”T CARE!  I didn’t have to intervene, didn’t have to break up a fight because I didn’t intervene and amazingly these people were able to come to an amicable agreement at the end of their discussion (go adults!).

We had lovely weather and got to swim (it was a bit chilly), canoe and go hiking at Quarry Park.  It was nice to watch a whole movie together without any interruptions!  We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary (July 24th).  That’s hard to imagine.  We have to schedule in more times like this to get a break from all the craziness that we deal with (this blog only shares a glimpse!)

So now I am well rested, refreshed, renewed and ready to finish out the summer an begin a new school year (and some big changes now that all the kids will be in school!)

(It’s a good thing I was so “renewed” on Friday when Lexi decided to ride a skateboard across the brand new hardwood floors at the cabin!!!!)




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2 thoughts on “Back from Vacation

  1. congrats on your date adventure and happy anniversary )

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