One More Week

The count down is on.  One more week of summer.  This past weekend was really nice.  I’m all ready for back to school (stuff bought, papers signed, bus stops scouted out) so I’m hoping to just enjoy this last week of summer.  We’ll be going up to the cabin for part of it (so the 95 degree weather is great for that) and one more trip to the zoo.  I over heard a couple of soccer parents joking that they were going to do the State Fair on Saturday, Renaissance Festival on Sunday and take Monday off to go to Valley Fair (the husband mentioning they wouldn’t get out of there without spending $300 each event).

A part of me feels like trying to fit in the most fun possible but the part that is winning out is all about containment and getting through the week with a few fun things here and there.

Saturday we started our day at a soccer fundraiser breakfast, me, Joey, Johnny, Lexi, Cassie and Callie went out to eat and it was really nice.  Then we headed to Lexi’s scrimmage (they played well!).  On our way back from the game we saw a sign for a free Car Show so Johnny wanted to stop at that.  My dad is a big car fan so I recognized most of the cars and was able to share with Johnny my limited knowledge (including the phrase “look at that cool car” a lot).  Then we ran home for lunch and a 1:00 soccer game.  Joey made the Freshman team at the high school and they had their first scrimmage.  They got to play on the new turf field so that was pretty “cool”.  There’s about 6 kids from his summer team and a few kids he’s played with before but a lot of new kids too.  The team looked really good.  They won 7-1!

The rest of the afternoon we chilled out at home and then we had a camp out in the basement.  The girls slept in the tent.  It was a good day!  Hope you have a few more good days to finish out the summer!


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2 thoughts on “One More Week

  1. Our first day of school in my neck of the woods is today. And weirdly, the elementary school, the high school and the local community college all start today — so traffic was unbelievable around us.

    This is one of the first summers I really really wished we could have had a few more days. I guess I’m feeling a little more nostalgic about summers, now that I realized that my high school freshman only has a few more of them with me! 🙂 Enjoy your last summer days — sounds like your crew is already busy!

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