What Will you do with All Your Time?

Here’s what afternoons of reckless abandon look like at my house (the youngest have gone off to school for afternoon kindergarten):

1.  The first afternoon off:  Assist the plumber in locating and fixing the toilet problems, leaky faucets, and noisy pipes

2. Thurs. afternoon:  Fit in my annual Dr. appt.

3.  Fri. afternoon:  One of the kids is sick already and home from school!

4.  Mon. afternoon:  Have bought into the super-saver-coupon-clipper-homemade everything meal planning and spend the afternoon going to four different grocery stores (I’ll update you later how that’s going)

5.  Tue. afternoon:  Another Dr. Appointment

6.  Wed. afternoon:  Deep clean Cassie and Callie’s room while they are gone,  goes twice as fast since I don’t have to negotiate throwing away every headless Barbie, (ooh yeah, also deep cleaned 2 bathrooms!)

Next week I have a dentist appointment AND Lexi’s room to tackle.

I imagine it may be a few more weeks before I am able to settle in to the planned schedule I had hoped for including weekly writing projects, volunteering in the classrooms, and lunch dates with friends I haven’t seen in person (Facebook doesn’t count) for years.

So far things are still crazy but I’m hoping we will all settle in…soon.


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One thought on “What Will you do with All Your Time?

  1. you are on your way, best of luck )

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