Color Week at Kindergarten

When our first son went through Kindergarten I loved things like color week at school.  You know, where the kids are supposed to wear something Red on Monday, Orange on Tuesday…etc.  I think I even went out and bought Joey a yellow shirt because we didn’t own anything yellow.  Now I’m learning that color week is really a set-up to draw attention to mothers’ already fragile egos.  So it’s all fine and dandy if your child wears red on red day,  but if all 20 kindergarteners gather together on the rug for circle time and they are all wearing red except your child it can be only one of three things:

1.  Mom didn’t read the newsletter about it being color week

2.  Mom read the newsletter but forgot

3.  Mom was ineffective in convincing child the importance of color week and child insists on wearing her favorite blue, giraffe with the necktie, shirt

I fell into the third category but here’s the kicker, with twins you get to have two kids sitting at circle time in their blue and hot pink.

I still like color week (not suggesting it be banned in school), and I have high hopes for Orange day today, but by the third kid or so you realize as a mom which battles you need to fight and which ones you need to let go (or flat-out lose.)  Who knows, in the future they may be the first doctors to ditch the white lab coats and go for blue and hot pink instead.


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One thought on “Color Week at Kindergarten

  1. as a teacher and a mother, i can fully appreciate this. after the first child, you are just happy they have underwear on )

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