Household Shutdown

Hey what a great idea!  I heard a certain government can’t agree on how to spend/make money or something like that so they just shut down.  What if I tried that?  I’m not getting lunch boxes back so I quit making lunches, laundry baskets can’t make the arduous trip from room to washer on laundry day, smelly clothes for the week (not that they would care).  Last minute carpooling?  No way!  When the toilet looks like this…

Not my problem due to the Household Manager Shutdown.

Not my problem due to the Household Shutdown.

not my problem.  5:30 will come around and the kids will sit down to dinner at the table and wait…and wait…and the magical trays full of food won’t show up, that is if they survive that long because I won’t be breaking up fights throughout the day and I’m not sure their negotiating skills are all that refined.

Ring-Ring  “Hello, this is your neighbor, it is 11:30 at night and all your kids are still out playing in your backyard?”  Yeah, because the Bedtime Enforcing Unit has shutdown.  (Although that’s not a realistic example due to the fact that although we have a huge, flat backyard with soccer goals, sports equipment and a sandbox you never find them playing outside…what is that?)

I know that big yellow bus will show up in the morning but I’m not sure if our kids will be on it.  I’m pretty sure it comes at the same time everyday requiring someone to monitor the progression of getting ready for school, eating breakfast and leaving the house when the clock says it is time to leave (some of our kids can do this, others…not so much.)  That no longer will be me.

With the Household Shutdown what will I do with all my time?

Oh, C’mon, you know it wouldn’t last for more than a day, whatever concession I was holding out for would have to be met.  They would realize what a valuable asset I am to the management of our home and the well-being of our family and they would beg me to return to my duties (right moms?) … OR they would skip school, order pizza, and lay around all day (in their dirty clothes) playing X-Box.  Hmmm?  Maybe the Shutdown is not such a good idea?


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One thought on “Household Shutdown

  1. worth giving it a shot

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