Family Photo Flop

In August I bought bright-colored sundresses for all the girls and bold colored polo shirts for the boys for our family photo.  I thought I’d haul everyone to a local garden and get some great shots of the family.  Now it is late October, it was 39 degrees and a picture of our family huddling together with windblown hair is not the look I’m going for.  I tried.  I really tried to find a day where everyone was first of all home and second of all not in a foul mood (do you have family photos that bring back bad memories of photo day, like when your kid made a stink about wearing something you picked out) again not what I was going for here.  So as of today we haven’t taken a family photo.  I know there is some time before Christmas cards need to go out but my “Happy Garden Family” may have to be only a dream.  Our Christmas card may be a picture of all of us eating pizza on a Wednesday night.  Reality I guess.


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3 thoughts on “Family Photo Flop

  1. take it in your living room when everyone is in a good mood. put a garden backdrop in place later or each person hold a plant or flower –

  2. This made me laugh so hard! My kiddos are now 39, 36, 30 and almost 28. I would like to tell you that is gets better with time but I like you too much Cindy to lie to you! It is even more interesting with two dogs that are big enough to protest as much as the youngins. I vote for the family pizza shot! 🙂

    • No! I was thinking adults would be much more “cooperative” but getting them all in one spot, at the same time, with spouses, kids and yes the dogs too…I believe you.

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