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Dalmatians at Thanksgiving?

Halloween 2013 2 003 - CopyThe other night we are all sitting around the dinner table and Cassie gets up, all of a sudden and disappears.  She comes back in a few minutes dressed in her Halloween costume, the dalmatian.  She goes about eating her dinner as if nothing happened.

The upside is we have definitely gotten our moneys worth out of Cassie’s costume.  The downside, she is still wearing it…EVERYWHERE!  Yes it’s cute, yes there’s really no harm being done, but what about Thanksgiving dinner?  Should the dalmatian be allowed at the Thanksgiving dinner table? (We are going out to eat this year with family.)

She hasn’t asked to wear it to school yet (Parenthood, Season 1, Max and the pirate costume?) and the dalmatian has not gone to Sunday School.

When it comes down to it, look at that picture, how can you say “No” to that cute puppy face…wait, maybe that’s her gig, maybe this is her new technique to persuade her parents to get whatever she wants?  Or maybe it is just a really cute phase and I will be longing for these days in ten years when my post may be “Noserings at Thanksgiving?”


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Johnny’s Play

We went to the theatre this weekend…at the middle school.  Johnny was in the production of “Adventures of a Comic Book Artist”.  It was a really cute play about super heroes.  Johnny played one of the four super heroes that comes to life after the comic book artist uses a magical pen.  His character was Triple Time (a really fast guy).  If you know Johnny you know he got cast in the best possible role.

I am amazed at how they can throw together a performance with acting, singing, choreography the works in just a few weeks after school.  The kids did great!  Johnny was eating up the autograph session after the final show.  It was really fun.  Next up is Oliver for the Community Theatre.  Johnny is a thief!  They will be performing 8 shows so that will be a great experience.  Look out Hollywood!


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The 7-Minute-Lecture Challenge

“Why is there water all over the floor?  Do you not know how to use a shower curtain?  This bright blue thing with fish printed all over it?  Did you see all the water on the floor?  Were you just waiting for me to come in and clean it up?…”

You know where the conversation goes from here and research shows that this sort of rant usually lasts about seven minutes, thus getting the title The Seven Minute Lecture.  I am great at these!  Be it room cleaning, homework completing, clean clothes wearing.  You name it I got a good ol seven minute lecture that just rolls off the tongue.

So reading yet another parenting book the other day that questioned when have you ever praised your kids for seven minutes? (Stupid book, stop pointing out my shortcomings!)

But it’s true, rarely do I ever say more than a “good job” to the good stuff.  But imagine a world where the seven minute lecture applied to the good stuff.  “Wow, look at those clean socks you are wearing.  You remembered to put on clean socks today!  I am so proud of you.  You know 82% of the United States Presidents were known to wear clean socks!  I bet when you walk around today people will be noticing how confident and collected you are due to the fact that you are wearing clean socks!  That is so responsible of you…”  Yeah, I could probably do it…at least five minutes.

So this weekend (our school district has a long weekend) take time to try out at least one seven minute Positive lecture.  Be prepared for raised eyebrows and skepticism from your kids…at first..followed by some laughs and maybe, just maybe a new passion for wearing clean socks (or whatever your current pet peeve may be).

Let me know how it goes!


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