Help Bring Back Global Warming

March 18, 2013 002Yeah ,yeah, I know all about the importance of being environmentally conscious, the threat of global warming, and polar bear habitats but maybe we’ve gone too far?  (I live in Minnesota.  It was 12 below this morning.  Apparently other parts of the nation are having a bit o’ difficulty with oh, let’s just say, below normal temperatures and freaky weather patterns.)  Maybe all this conservationism has actually reversed global warming and we are all headed uncontrollably for some sort of global deep freeze (anyone concerned about the desert rat’s habitat?).

All I’m saying is maybe we need to reverse some of our conventional thinking to even-out the atmosphere (for the sake of the desert rat… and stay-at-home-moms who may no longer be a functioning part of society if school is canceled one more day this winter.)

Here is my 3 part plan (I’m taking credit for this plan however there was a part of Obama’s speech on Tuesday that I missed when I had to get up and supervise teeth brushing, so he may have already made these suggestions.):

flourescent lightbulb1.  We need all Americans to change-out their new flourescent bulbs for the old energy suckers.

2.  Leave the lights on and crank up your thremostat…to 80…for a week.

3.  If you drive a Prius…stop.

If we all pitch in together we should be able to warm this planet up!

Thank you for your time,


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4 thoughts on “Help Bring Back Global Warming

  1. omg i’m peeing my pants. hysterical. I couldn’t do it. I grew up in Maine. I had to get out. I’m already stressed out about summer and how I’m going to entertain just my two kids. My husband is all like ‘isn’t that why you are a stay at home mom??” to be with the kids.. “Um NO! I’m stay a home mom so I can be a eccentric blogger. duh!”

  2. Reblogged this on SCRAPPIEMOMMA RETURNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and commented:
    this was funny. I love this kind of humor

    • um im really sorry but I tried to reblog this and all it did was make it look like I was trying to blog a sentence that said “I love this blog” but couldn’t find your blog. I’m still learning word press. sorry. I did share to FB. at least I go that part down correctly.

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