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What Every Mother Wants to Hear

kitten 2We’ve been discussing getting a pet at our house.  Cat, dog, fish…rock.  The conversations have been going on for a while and we (the parents) are just not quite ready to pull the trigger on any big decisions.  So the other day we were driving home from church and I overheard the kids talking about getting a kitten.

Child 1: “Oh, kitties are so cute we have to get a cat!”

Child 2:”We can’t get a cat, mom is allergic.” <long pause>

Child 1 in a whispered conspiracy voice: “Let’s get a new mom.”

(I had to laugh!)


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Whoa, Hold On, Not So Fast!

Lost Tooth Callie 001The universe needs to stagger these things.  Yesterday Callie lost her first tooth.  My baby!  She’s growing up.  It got loose on Monday and by Tuesday it was gone.  We haven’t read any tooth fairy books, haven’t made anything out of a paper plate related to tooth fairies.  (She has seen the Rise of the Guardians so she wasn’t completely in the dark.)

I know, it’s just a lost tooth, so I was surprised how sad it made me feel that these type of milestones are almost over for my mothering years. 

But last night as I was reflecting on how few “firsts” I have left with my kids I looked out the window to see my oldest son getting out of the car.  He waved to his friend…who was in the DRIVER’S SEAT!  The preschool kid that grew up down the street is DRIVING!  His friend is a great kid and I’m sure will be a great driver but this makes their world so much bigger.  My radius for worry will have to expand…or maybe my radius of faith will have to.   

I’ve never been one to say, “Oh, they grow up so fast!” (Just spend five minutes in my house and you’ll know why.) But it was a wake up call yesterday that “my little ones” are all growing up and I get to be a part of that…and that is sweet.




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Beaver Day

beaverWhen you have twins it is interseting how they will back each other up.  Yesterday they were both going on and on about Beaver Day (Groudhogs Day).

“Are you sure it’s a beaver that sees it’s shawdow?”

“Yup!” they both agreed.  “Our teacher had a big black sheet of paper on the door and that was his cave.”

“The beaver cave?”

“Yup, the beaver comes out of his cave and sees his shawdow and now there’s 6 more weeks of winter.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t a groundhog?”

“Oh, yeah a groundhog!” they both agreed.




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