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“Snow” Day (Again)

glass of wineCracked open a bottle of wine around noon today when I found out that school was canceled AGAIN tomorrow (perspective: the kids had 16 days off for winter break and then they had today off for extreme cold weather and now…now they have tomorrow off…need I say more?).  My very resourceful teenager called to say, “Hey mom did you hear we don’t have school tomorrow again? (long pause while I picked myself up off the floor) and if it is still too cold on Wednesday they will have to cancel school the whole week ’cause you can’t have a 2 day school week.” (Not sure if that’s true or not, but the thought of it made me pour another glass).

“Hey, yeah, thanks for that info JOEY!”  I could tell he was beaming at the other end of the phone.

You know that song “Heart and Soul”?  I taught Lexi and Johnny how to play that on day 2 of winter break.  They have been practicing…a lot.  So I am going to sit here with my glass of wine at noon, listening to Heart and Soul…go ahead and judge!



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On the Stage

Lexi's Fourth Grade Family Breakfast Concert

Lexi’s Fourth Grade Family Breakfast Concert

Last Friday was the 4th grade Family Breakfast where all the fourth graders come in before school with their families, have breakfast and put on a short concert.  It is always super cute, they do it for every grade, and even though this was the sixteenth family breakfast I’ve been to (one for each kid, each year for the last 10 years or so) I had a good time.


Johnny is a thief in Oliver!

Then last weekend it was opening weekend for Oliver! the community theatre production that Johnny is in.  On opening night I volunteered to work backstage as “Kid Corraler” and keep the kids (about 30 of them) contained in the dressing room.  Always be cautious of volunteer jobs that have the most vacancies, like when the kids were in hockey and I volunteered for the late shift at the concession stands…thats the person that has to clean the whole place, including the popcorn maker before they can go home.  You live and learn.  This job was kind of like that…well not that bad actually.  I admit I had fun and it made it more enjoyable the next day when I got to watch the performance and see the kids in action.  They were amazing!  I was really proud of Johnny, so glad he’s found his niche.  Another thing I learned about the theatre, that I quickly remembered upon arriving and taking off my jacket, is that backstage people are encouraged to wear black.  The crew, the helpers, the other moms, all in black…me?…bright pink half-zip fleece…oh yeah!

"Go tell it on the mountain!"

“Go tell it on the mountain!”

The third performance was the 3,4,5 year-olds at Wednesday night church.  I remember when the girls performed a few years back and they took their name tags off and stuck them over their mouths…so proud.  This year they sang.  It was really cute.  It doesn’t get much better than a bunch of little kids singing, “Go tell it on the mountain!”

Josh does not have any shows coming up but he did just start taking guitar lessons.  He is eyeing a “Beetles” song book to work his way up to.  Or maybe a garage band.

Joey doesn’t have any shows coming up either but I did learn from him that apparently our living room is an open stage to his friends on Xbox Live while he is playing his games.  “So they can hear what I’m saying right now?”  “Yes!” the TV answered back.  I’m not sure I want to be on speaker phone to the world in my own home.

So that is the crew.  Gearing up for winter “break”…all sixteen days of it…not that I’m counting.




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364 Days Until Christmas

What a whirlwind of Christmas!  It was such a nice Christmas this year.  Really!!  Everything went really well.  Everyone arrived safely, the turkey turned out, the kids were THRILLED with their gifts and it was just really nice…really loud at times…but really nice.  Here are some pics from our Christmas’s:

Rasmussen Christmas 12 007Rasmussen Christmas 12 009Gild Christmas 001Gild Christmas 003Gild Christmas 007


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Preschool Program

Preschool Program 2012 004Last Thursday the girls had their Christmas Program at Preschool.  They got dressed-up, sang a bunch of cute songs and we had cookies afterward.  Last year, having a 3-year-old in the program was a lot more unpredictable than 4-year-olds so this year was a little more relaxing.  The girls sang the songs, did the actions and despite some wiggles from Cassie they did just fine.  Compared to last year (“Done-in by the Nametag“) they were angels.

I was a little sentimental because this is our last preschool Christmas Program (until Grandkids come along…a long…long…time from now).  Jerad was able to make it and the girls were so thrilled to see Daddy in the audience.  It was really sweet!Preschool Program 2012 008


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48 hour Christmas Bonanza

Well we survived the 48 hour Christmas bonanza.  Started Christmas Eve with a whirlwind cleaning of the house, some skating on the pond, Christmas Eve service at church, the in-laws came around 5:00, had dinner, opened gifts, ate pie, made sure everything was ready for Santa.  Christmas morning we opened gifts, played with gifts, messied up the house, cleaned up the house, my family came around noon, ate dinner, opened more gifts, played with gifts, shared time with family (this is the first year all the adults were able to sit around the table after dinner and talk), ate more pie, dealt with power outage, celebrated the power coming back on, ate supper, got in the middle of a Nerf War, played in the new Grocery Store, watched RIO the Wii game, read bedtime stories, collapsed into bed. (That might be a run-on sentence.)

It actually went pretty smooth this year, probably the best yet.  It was nice to get everyone together and the kids were so excited (some of my kids are  ADHD so you can imagine what ADHD + Christmas excitement looks like…and sounds like.)  It’s funny how the kids want to open and play with, make, build everything they got in the same day.  I’m trying to convince them to spread it out over the next week.

It was fun but it’s a good thing Easter is four months away!



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Norman Rockwell Moment

This Sunday, after I put the girls down for their nap, I came into the kitchen and paused to notice it was really quiet (which usually means someone(s) is/are up to something).  I went downstairs to find the rest of the kids but they weren’t around.  I found my husband and he pointed out back.  There they were, the four older kids, skating on the pond in our backyard with the neighbor kids.  A year ago that wouldn’t have been possible.  I or my husband would have had to been out there to keep the peace but this year, or at least this 45 minute period of time, was different.  What an encouragement.


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Ugly Sweater Day

Today on my “To Do” List was: find an ugly sweater.  Joey, the oldest, is now part of the Jr. High church group and they keep coming up with these wacky events.  In October they had the “Slipper Formal” where the kids got dressed up in nice clothes (which meant something other than track pants for Joey) and they wore slippers and ran around the big mall.  Tomorrow night is “Ugly Sweater” Night and the kids are supposed to wear their ugliest or funniest Christmas sweaters.  The youth group has way over 100 kids so does that mean there are 100 moms running around town scavenging thrift stores looking for snowman and reindeer sweaters?  I think so, because I wasn’t able to find any, I’m too late!!  I understand that the competition for teenagers’ attention is fierce so inviting kids to come learn about Jesus on Wed. night just doesn’t cut it anymore, but come learn about Jesus, wear an ugly sweater and win a 12 pack of Mountain Dew is more appealing.  Apparently if they can draw the kids in with fun they will keep coming back and it seems to be working.

I have one more day to complete my challenge and I WILL find and ugly sweater for my son (either that or sew some christmas ornaments onto one he has.)


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