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You’ll Know Which Kid is Mine

undershirtMiddle School band concert tonight.  A week ago I asked my son if he had everything he needed (black pants, black shoes, white shirt).


“You have a nice white shirt?”


You know mother’s intuition?  It was created for a reason.  This morning I had him lay his things out so he would be ready to go.  That “nice white shirt” we talked about?  Oh yeah…white undershirt!

Anybody see that angry lady at Target today with the dress shirt in her cart…yeah, that was me.


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“Snow” Day (Again)

glass of wineCracked open a bottle of wine around noon today when I found out that school was canceled AGAIN tomorrow (perspective: the kids had 16 days off for winter break and then they had today off for extreme cold weather and now…now they have tomorrow off…need I say more?).  My very resourceful teenager called to say, “Hey mom did you hear we don’t have school tomorrow again? (long pause while I picked myself up off the floor) and if it is still too cold on Wednesday they will have to cancel school the whole week ’cause you can’t have a 2 day school week.” (Not sure if that’s true or not, but the thought of it made me pour another glass).

“Hey, yeah, thanks for that info JOEY!”  I could tell he was beaming at the other end of the phone.

You know that song “Heart and Soul”?  I taught Lexi and Johnny how to play that on day 2 of winter break.  They have been practicing…a lot.  So I am going to sit here with my glass of wine at noon, listening to Heart and Soul…go ahead and judge!



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Back from Vacation

Last week we farmed out the kids!  We had three days to ourselves up at the cabin and it was so nice not to be needed/interrupted.  Josh, Johnny and Lexi went to summer camp, and the girls and Joey went to my parent’s.

The couple that sat behind us at the restaurant (that’s a place where they make the food for you and you don’t have to clean up) were having a disagreement about what to order…but I DIDN”T CARE!  I didn’t have to intervene, didn’t have to break up a fight because I didn’t intervene and amazingly these people were able to come to an amicable agreement at the end of their discussion (go adults!).

We had lovely weather and got to swim (it was a bit chilly), canoe and go hiking at Quarry Park.  It was nice to watch a whole movie together without any interruptions!  We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary (July 24th).  That’s hard to imagine.  We have to schedule in more times like this to get a break from all the craziness that we deal with (this blog only shares a glimpse!)

So now I am well rested, refreshed, renewed and ready to finish out the summer an begin a new school year (and some big changes now that all the kids will be in school!)

(It’s a good thing I was so “renewed” on Friday when Lexi decided to ride a skateboard across the brand new hardwood floors at the cabin!!!!)




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No Puking on Mother’s Day!

hallwayThis post may be a bit tactless, so if you are used to my normally eloquent musings about motherhood then stop reading here (wait…who’m I kidding, if you’re a mom this is your world, you understand.)

Last night, just before midnight, on the one day out of the year that Mom’s are supposed to get a break, I hear the sound of a bucket of water being splashed on the carpet. Who would be dumping water on the carpet in the middle of the night? No one. As I tried to make sense of what was going on I wandered out into the hall to find one of the kids standing in the bathroom. Two… yes two separate puddles of throw-up were spewn on the CARPET (Was that the new carpet you had installed less than a year ago? Why yes, yes it was, thank you for asking.)

You would think with six kids this is a regular occurrence, that I have some sort of puke plan in place, but in general I would say this is one of those evils our family usually dodges. It’s pretty rare, so it was very , very timely that it would happen at the tail end of a rather nice Mother’s Day I had just enjoyed.

So I started to clean up the mess, kneeling down without thinking, feeling the wet goo soak into the knees of my jammy-pants (oh yeah, I checked to see if the kid was OK trying to hide my displeasure, kid was fine, not the flu, probably ate too much because mom wasn’t keeping a tabs on what they ate because it was supposed to be her day off!) With my stellar middle-of-the-night brain functioning I couldn’t figure out how to clean up the mess without mashing the wet bread chunks into the carpet even more, so I woke my husband up and ranted a bit. As I am incoherently saying something about carpet cleaner and baking soda I freeze. I listen. I hear a doorknob turning. Oh no! One of the other kids is up! They are going to walk down the hall to the bathroom…through the… Stop! I leap down the hall, and save the squinty eyed child from traipsing through the slush pile to spread the “joy” throughout the hallway. She has to go to the bathroom. Of course she does. The bathroom with the moat of puke around it.

I take her to the bathroom, send her back to bed. Spend a half-hour cleaning up the mess not very graciously might I add mumbling to myself as I go. Set up a barf-bucket in said child’s room, changed my jammies, rinsed off in the tub and stuck my head outside to clean out the nostrils a bit before trying to go back to bed.

I know it’s a fact of life. It is part of mothering. But it should be banned from occurring on Mother’s Day!  Send the memo out next year.  Please!


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Mom’s Night at Preschool

Last night it was Mom’s Night at preschool. We did some projects, played with some of the classroom toys and sang some fun songs. With five kids going through this preschool this was my seventh and last Mom’s night. It was bittersweet. There is just something about the excitement that preschoolers exhibit that slowly fades as they get older. I soaked it up last night.

The other favorite part of Mom’s night is the posters they make about their moms. Here’s what the girls shared:

“My mom’s name is just Mom. She has brown curly hair like me and purple eyes. When I’m at school mom cleans up the house. For fun she likes to exercise. Her favorite food is apples. My mom and I like to play Legos. My favorite book she reads to me is a dinosaur book. I love my mom because she reads dinosaur books to me.” (That was Cassie.)

“I don’t know what my mom’s name is. She has brown hair and purplish-blue eyes. When I’m at school she reads books alone. For fun she likes to play with me. Her favorite food is spaghetti. My mom and I like to play toys. I love my mom because I just love her!” (That’s Callie.)

These are the things I want read at my funeral, so simple and sweet. This sums up the job of a mom and the appreciation that often goes unmentioned. I am so grateful for the joy my children bring me.


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Something I’ll Never Hear at Conferences…

The future of drive-up theatres.

The future of drive-up theatres.

…”your girls’ seem to lack creativity.”


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No Mud Room…And Other Worldly Disasters

We have 6 (active, forgetful, messy) kids and we live in Minnesota (4-5 seasons) and NO Mud Room (place to put jackets, hats, mittens, scarfs, snow pants, boots, backpacks, lunch boxes, soccer balls, soccer shoes, hockey sticks, karate belts and swim goggles).

Disclaimer:  I am aware that some people do not even have jackets, hats, swim goggles…and thus no worries about the lack of a mud room.  Point taken.

My solution for organizing our brood was to set up a mimi-mud room in each of their bedrooms.  In a corner of each of their rooms I installed 3 hooks on the wall (winter jacket, spring/fall jacket and snowpants) on the floor underneath is a bin (backpacks, lunch boxes, hat and mittens) and next to the bin is a boot tray (boots, tennis shoes, church shoes).

For the most part it has been working well…until recently.  Sometime around Halloween the girls saw some scary cartoon (Arthur?) and are going through a spooky phase.  So although they are pretty good about hanging up their stuff, the new routine is that before bed we have to take down all the jackets and snow pants and put them on the floor and then we can hang them back up in the morning…why?…”in the dark the jackets look like ghosties!”.  Of course I have heard of a thing called a closet but we have closet issues as well…that’s a whole other post.


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