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What Every Mother Wants to Hear

kitten 2We’ve been discussing getting a pet at our house.  Cat, dog, fish…rock.  The conversations have been going on for a while and we (the parents) are just not quite ready to pull the trigger on any big decisions.  So the other day we were driving home from church and I overheard the kids talking about getting a kitten.

Child 1: “Oh, kitties are so cute we have to get a cat!”

Child 2:”We can’t get a cat, mom is allergic.” <long pause>

Child 1 in a whispered conspiracy voice: “Let’s get a new mom.”

(I had to laugh!)


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VBS Week: “Jesus is right here!”

Yesterday in my class, during the Bible Story station, the teacher chose a couple of kids to come up to help doing one of the skits.  One of the 5 year olds got picked to be Jesus.  She told the story and directed the kids to stand where they needed and then had them sit down when their part was over.  The story was about when Jesus was betrayed by Judas and taken away by the soldiers.  After she had told the kids to sit down she continued telling the story and she was pretending to be one of the women who came looking for Jesus after he had been taken.  In character she asks looking around, “Where is Jesus?  Where has he gone?”

“Jesus is right here!” sincerely shouts one of the kids, pointing to the kid next to him, the one who had played Jesus in the skit!


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