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Beaver Day

beaverWhen you have twins it is interseting how they will back each other up.  Yesterday they were both going on and on about Beaver Day (Groudhogs Day).

“Are you sure it’s a beaver that sees it’s shawdow?”

“Yup!” they both agreed.  “Our teacher had a big black sheet of paper on the door and that was his cave.”

“The beaver cave?”

“Yup, the beaver comes out of his cave and sees his shawdow and now there’s 6 more weeks of winter.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t a groundhog?”

“Oh, yeah a groundhog!” they both agreed.




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Progress Report on Color Week

Last week (and this week as well apparently) is color week at Kindergarten.  We started the week out with a bang with both girls refusing to wear red.  Orange day went much better with some creative persuasion.  I got both girls to wear orange (except for the part that a kindergartener out negotiated me and although she agreed to wear orange insisted on wearing her bear hat).  Yellow day included a colorful shirt with a hint of yellow print but we ate bananas for lunch so that counts.  Green day they didn’t wear anything green however it was a special surprise to open Cassie’s back pack to find something green, a whole pile of dried green foliage?  I’m just glad she didn’t crumple it up and put it in her Ziploc snack baggie  “Well officer, it was green day.”  Blue day we were all set.  They had their matching BLUE soccer jersey’s on.  It was literally 10 minutes before they were to get on the bus and the coup began.  “I’m not wearing this!”  “What?  The bus is almost here, it’s too late to change, sorry sweeties!”  Didn’t work.  They both decided to change into some grungy summer shirt they found under their beds.  Come on, I’m tryin’ here!  Found out there is a whole ‘nother week of colors this week (purple, pink, black…).  Are there other more important things going on in my life than caring about how color week makes me look as a mother?…yeah sure but today (purple day) both girls were wearing purple shirts AND purple shorts…I know, I’m a great mom!


Cassie comes home on "green" day with a backpack full of...?

Cassie comes home on “green” day with a backpack full of…?

Got them to wear orange but was unable to talk Cassie out of wearing the bear hat.

Got them to wear orange but was unable to talk Cassie out of wearing the bear hat.

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Color Week at Kindergarten

When our first son went through Kindergarten I loved things like color week at school.  You know, where the kids are supposed to wear something Red on Monday, Orange on Tuesday…etc.  I think I even went out and bought Joey a yellow shirt because we didn’t own anything yellow.  Now I’m learning that color week is really a set-up to draw attention to mothers’ already fragile egos.  So it’s all fine and dandy if your child wears red on red day,  but if all 20 kindergarteners gather together on the rug for circle time and they are all wearing red except your child it can be only one of three things:

1.  Mom didn’t read the newsletter about it being color week

2.  Mom read the newsletter but forgot

3.  Mom was ineffective in convincing child the importance of color week and child insists on wearing her favorite blue, giraffe with the necktie, shirt

I fell into the third category but here’s the kicker, with twins you get to have two kids sitting at circle time in their blue and hot pink.

I still like color week (not suggesting it be banned in school), and I have high hopes for Orange day today, but by the third kid or so you realize as a mom which battles you need to fight and which ones you need to let go (or flat-out lose.)  Who knows, in the future they may be the first doctors to ditch the white lab coats and go for blue and hot pink instead.


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What Will you do with All Your Time?

Here’s what afternoons of reckless abandon look like at my house (the youngest have gone off to school for afternoon kindergarten):

1.  The first afternoon off:  Assist the plumber in locating and fixing the toilet problems, leaky faucets, and noisy pipes

2. Thurs. afternoon:  Fit in my annual Dr. appt.

3.  Fri. afternoon:  One of the kids is sick already and home from school!

4.  Mon. afternoon:  Have bought into the super-saver-coupon-clipper-homemade everything meal planning and spend the afternoon going to four different grocery stores (I’ll update you later how that’s going)

5.  Tue. afternoon:  Another Dr. Appointment

6.  Wed. afternoon:  Deep clean Cassie and Callie’s room while they are gone,  goes twice as fast since I don’t have to negotiate throwing away every headless Barbie, (ooh yeah, also deep cleaned 2 bathrooms!)

Next week I have a dentist appointment AND Lexi’s room to tackle.

I imagine it may be a few more weeks before I am able to settle in to the planned schedule I had hoped for including weekly writing projects, volunteering in the classrooms, and lunch dates with friends I haven’t seen in person (Facebook doesn’t count) for years.

So far things are still crazy but I’m hoping we will all settle in…soon.


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